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Anatomy of a Story Course

Step-by-Step Crafting of Personal and Professional Stories

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Finding Stories

The best storytellers in the world have the most stories to tell

That is why finding stories is even more important than being able to tell a story like a professional. (although they go hand in hand, as you will see).

Does it feel like no one wants to listen to you? That is because the world is filled with people telling the wrong stories.

  • Retelling events
  • Reporting on their life
  • Focussing on the wrong ideas
  • Losing the listener

What's Included?

  • Introduction
  • Module #1 Homework for Life
  • Module #2 First Last Best Worst
  • Module #3 Three Two One
  • Module #4 Where Oh Where
  • Module #5 Lost Found
  • Module #6 Outro

Bonus Downloads, Tools, & Resources

  • My Best Storytelling Tips for Storytellers
  • Access to the Storyworthy Community
  • FREE Access to Storyworthy Module #1