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Humor Course Volume #1

Learn strategies you can apply to be funny in almost every situation, use humor as power, and deploy it when the time is right.

Grab people's attention and immediately convey that you are a person to be listened by demonstrating positive qualities

  • Intelligence
  • Attractiveness
  • Leadership
  • Empathy

In this workshop you'll learn 5 strategies when to use them and how to make them part of your story

What's Included?

  • Module #1: Introduction to Humor
  • Part 1: Nostalgia
  • Part 2: Exaggeration
  • Part 3: One of these things
  • Part 4: Definitions
  • Part 5: Metaphor

Bonus Downloads, Tools, & Resources

  • My Best Storytelling Tips for Storytellers
  • Access to the Storyworthy Community
  • FREE Access to Storyworthy Module #1