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Gain unrestricted access to the most powerful storytelling learning anywhere!

The Storytelling Academy is Perfect for Those Who Want to...

Become More Memorable & Entertaining

When you tell great stories, people remember what you say and, more importantly, how you make them feel. Use stories to elevate daily interactions, you never know where it will lead.

Connect more deeply with the people in your life

A story is a powerful way to connect with others on a deep and emotional level by allowing us to share our experiences and perspectives, creating empathy and understanding. 

Accelerate Your Career & Business

Whether interviewing for jobs, networking with professional contacts, creating marketing and sales decks, or leading your teams, storytelling is at the core of your success. 

Becoming a better storyteller

Sharing stories is the most important skill you can develop because it is so widely applied in many situations.

Be Happier

Once you start collecting stories, you will realize how much richer, larger, and more complete your life really is. 

Everyone Has Stories to Tell...

Storytelling is the SUPERPOWER you didn’t know you had

Whether you are a seasoned storyteller or just starting out on your storytelling journey, you are welcome here.

When you tell the right stories well, the benefits are limitless and exponential. Learning how to craft a great story will improve your advertising, marketing, sales, retention, branding, and leadership, regardless of your business. 

I’ve watched storytelling transform the professional and personal lives of so many of my students and clients. And me!

My partner and I built a wedding DJ business into one of the most successful and respected companies in our state—not through skill, experience, or marketing of any kind, but simply through storytelling, booking over 96% of prospective clients over more than two decades.

I tell stories to my students daily to keep them engaged, excited, and invested in their learning. This has helped me become a West Hartford Teacher of the Year, a finalist for Connecticut’s Teacher of the Year, and a nationally recognized educator who teaches in universities throughout the country.

When I was trying to convince a woman named Elysha to look in my direction and perhaps consider me as possible dating material, I did so through stories. When asked why she first fell in love with me, she did not reference my stunning physique or effervescent charm. She said, “He told me stories.

He told me things most people can’t or won’t say, and I knew I’d found someone special. I knew that we would never run out of things to say to each other.”

But I’m not a unicorn. Over the years, I’ve helped so many people achieve the same results!

I’ve helped corporate leaders, marketers, and salespeople grow their professional lives through storytelling.

I’ve helped small business owners and entrepreneurs build their businesses into larger, more profitable, and more sustainable ventures.

I’ve helped scientists share their research, garner leads for their companies, and deliver world-class keynotes on their work.

I’ve assisted the FBI’s hostage negotiation unit tell better stories and connect more quickly and meaningfully with people to help them make better decisions in moments of crisis and danger.

I’ve helped attorneys win multi-millionaire cases.

I’ve helped Olympic gold medalists, mountaineers who have summited Mount Everest, world-class magicians, famous comedians, and more tell better stories to improve their inspirational talks and performances.

I’ve helped priests, ministers, and rabbis deliver more impactful sermons and connect to their congregants in new and more meaningful ways.

I’ve helped Toastmasters win championships. Moth storytellers win StorySLAMs and GrandSLAM championships.

I’ve helped people begin to see their life through story and share those stories with themselves and loved ones, and through that process, begin to find untapped meaning in their lives.

No matter who you are… no matter what you do… storytelling can change your life for the better.


Create Unimaginable Results Through Storytelling

Find, Craft, & Share Your Best Stories with Access to a Universe of Storytelling Resources


Inside the Storyworthy Storytelling Academy+ 

Lifetime Access to my Collection of On-Demand Storytelling Courses & Workshops

Anatomy of A Story Course

Step By Step Crafting of Personal and Professional Stories.
$397.00USD Value

Finding Stories Course

The best storytellers in the world have the most stories to tell.
$297.00USD Value

Humor for Storytellers  VOL1

My 5 Best Humor Storytelling Strategies that you can use anywhere. Volumes 2-5 are also on the way! 
$249.00USD Value

Storyworthy for Business

This comprehensive course will teach you everything you need to know about using storytelling in business and your daily life. $1,599.00USD VALUE

Unlock Exclusive, Never-Before-Seen Storytelling Content
Over 100 hours of storytelling content, lessons, workshops and more…

Beginnings, Endings, & Scenes: The development of an opening and closing scene that guarantees the attention and engagement of an audience

Suspense: The anticipation or tension created by uncertain or impending events, keeping the audience engaged and eager to know what happens next.

Surprise: Unexpected twists, turns, or revelations that challenge expectations, add excitement, increase brain plasticity, and keep the audience on their toes.

Stakes: The central concern or concerns for the story - the reason people are invested in you, your story, and the outcome.

Humor: Moments of levity, wit, or comedy that provide relief, add charm, increase engagement, alter brain chemistry in productive and beneficial ways, and connect with the audience on an emotional level.

Theme, Meaning, and Message: The central idea or message that the story explores, offering insight and resonance for the audience and a direct means of linking your idea to your story.

Practical Deployment: The utilization and deployment of a story or storytelling strategies in your personal and professional life.


Step-by-Step Workbooks

Simple storytelling guides to help you through every step of the storytelling process


Our workbooks are meticulously crafted guides designed to accompany you through every stage of the storytelling process. Whether you're brainstorming ideas or crafting your narrative structure, this workbook provides clear, actionable steps to help you bring your stories to life. With insightful prompts, practical exercises, and expert tips, you'll navigate the creative process with confidence and clarity


Develop Stories Through Playful Games, Prompts, and More...

We believe in nurturing creativity through engaging and playful strategies. Explore the art of storytelling through interactive games, thought-provoking prompts, and immersive experiences like:

  • First Last Best Worst and 3-2-1
  • Where Oh Where and The Unlikely Link
  • Shrink It and Transformation
  • and many more...

Unleash your imagination as you embark on a journey where every challenge, every prompt, and every game is designed to unlock your storytelling potential.


Learn My Top Storytelling Secrets through
Live Stories, Performances, and Storytelling Breakdowns

Join us inside the Storytelling Academy for an immersive experience where words come to life before your eyes. Through captivating narratives and masterful performances, Matt will engage your mind’s eye, evoke deep emotions, and spark stories of your own.

Don't miss the opportunity to witness the artistry of live storytelling as Matt shares tales that will leave you spellbound.

Join our academy today to experience the magic of storytelling brought to life through Matt's live performances.


Take Part in an Engaging & Supportive Community

Network and Share Inside the Storyworthy Community with like-minded storytellers

Whether you are a seasoned storyteller or just starting out on your storytelling journey, you are welcome here.

  • Get feedback and support from other storytellers on your work
  • Connect with a community of storytellers from around the world
  • Participate in prompts, challenges, and workshops to improve your skills
  • Share your stories and experiences with a supportive and understanding audience

Weekly Homework for Life Prompts

Homework for Life is the basis for finding stories to tell. Matt says again and again that it’s the most important thing that he teaches.

Back in 2015, Matt was recording 1.6 Homework for Life moments per day.

In 2022, he was recording 7.8 moments per day.

His life didn’t get more interesting. His storytelling lens expanded and sharpened.

You can expand and sharpen your lens, too, and as a member of the Storyworthy Academy, you can supercharge that process with weekly Homework for Life prompts designed to encourage you to find new areas of your life worth paying attention to. Prompts like:

“Reflect on your week. Record a moment that you experienced with an item of clothing. Small or large. Silly or serious. Record that moment in your Homework for Life.”

Think back on the last few days. Was there a moment of frustration with technology of any kinds: computer, phone, microwave oven, automobile, dimmer switch, television, record player, electric toothbrush. Record that moment. Don’t judge. Just record.

The more you expand your view into possible Homework for Life moments,
the more moments you will find.


15+ Story Building Guides (more soon!)

Craft Powerful Narratives through Step-by-Step Mini-Workshops

Whether you're crafting a compelling company narrative, delivering a persuasive sales pitch, or seeking to inspire your team, our membership caters to an array of situations and story types, and we’re happy to develop new types when requested.

From personal reflections to professional endeavors, from intimate occasions to grand stages, storytelling transcends boundaries and resonates with all.

  • Company or Business Story
  • Founder Story
  • Product/Service Narrative
  • Investor Pitch
  • Sales Pitch
  • Marketing Strategy / Campaigns
  • Deliver a Keynote
  • Stand Out in Interviews
  • Inspire Your Team
  • About Yourself
  • A Special Occasion
  • Personal Reflection
  • Pass Down a Family Story
  • Collect Memories
  • and more..

Exclusive Monthly LIVE Q&A
Group Coaching Sessions

Looking for more individual attention?  Feeling stuck on crafting your best story? Do you learn best through example?


Matt’s unique storytelling coaching offers a double dose of instruction. Not only will you have the opportunity to work with Matt to refine your story, but you'll also gain valuable insights by observing other storytellers receive feedback and listening to others tell their stories.

It's like two coaching sessions in one, fostering a dynamic learning environment where you and a fellow storyteller can elevate each other's narratives. Don't miss this opportunity to take your storytelling to the next level and learn from the power of shared experience!


Exclusive Entrance to Online 
Storytelling Workshops 

$1,800 VALUE

Matt is constantly adding workshops and webinars to his schedule in both the personal and professional realms.

These include:

  • A breakdown of Steve Jobs’ 2007 Apple iPhone launch
  • Storytelling Breakdowns, where he reveals the decisions that led to his championship stories
  • Humor Workshops
  • Storytelling for Parenting Workshops

Upcoming Online Workshops

Join us May 2024 for 4 Exclusive Storytelling Workshops including:

Making Your Content Memorable, Entertaining, and Impactful: Speaking Through Adjacency

Subtle Storytelling: Tell Stories About Yourself Without Telling Stories About Yourself

Building Decks the Right Way Through Storytelling and Cognition Recognition

Storytelling Strategies for Impactful Leadership

As a VIP member of the Storyworthy Academy, you have free access to all of his workshops and webinars - live and in recorded form.



Be Selected for a FREE Monthly Story Critique

Receive Recorded Feedback from an Award-Winning, Champion Storyteller
Value: $800

Fortune 100 companies, industry experts, scientists, attorneys, salespeople, and many others pay Matt to develop, refine, and revise their stories, pitch decks, keynotes, and other presentations.

Once per month, one member will be chosen at random to receive the same kind of critique for which corporations pay top dollar.
And even if you’re not chosen in a given month, you’ll have the chance to see the critique for yourself and learn from members of the community who are brining real work to the table for Matt to review.


Hear From Successful Storytellers

Learning & Modelling with Champion Storyteller, Matthew Dicks


What Makes Our Storytelling Academy Different?

With A Universe of Storytelling Resources Inside

Matthew Dicks is recognized as one of the best storytellers, public speakers, and teachers in the country. He is an internationally bestselling novelist. His books on storytelling have become industry standards.

His clients include corporations like Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce, and many more, as well as the FBI, filmmakers, attorneys, the clergy, Olympic gold medalists, and many more. Tap into more than a decade of experience in the industry and a proven track record of helping people and businesses tell better stories.

Where others teach unproven theories or rely on outdated experience - Matt is still standing on stages every week, telling stories, performing stand-up comedy, delivering keynotes, and more. He is constantly and relentlessly doing the work and generating new ideas, new strategies, and new lessons for Storyworthy members.

We eat, sleep, and breathe storytelling. Storyworthy is our passion, and we love helping our members achieve success!

Whether you want to dip one toe into the storytelling world or plunge in head-first, our lessons, videos, and opportunities are awaiting you. Binge-watch hours of instruction or learn a little, practice a little, and move on when you’re ready. Everyone learns at a different speed. We know this and honor it.

Try Risk-Free with Our Money-Back Guarantee! If you aren’t completely satisfied with the Storyworthy Course, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. 


Plans & Pricing

Gain unrestricted access to the most powerful storytelling training anywhere!

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t completely satisfied with the Storyworthy Course, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. 

We want the investment in this course to be an absolute no-brainer for you - if you’re actually going to do the work  “Do the work” technically involves (a) completing the core module exercises, and (b) completing an exit interview

If you’ve done those things, and for whatever reason aren’t 100% happy with your experience, drop us an email (within 14 days from the start of the program) and we’ll happily refund your entire payment.

However, please note that the money-back guarantee only applies if you actually do the work and you’ve completed the exit interview.

Which plan is right for me?

Stories Are Changing Lives Everyday!

Meet Storytellers Like Aly Inside the Academy


I've received a tonne of advice from investors, founders, and other mentors... I always tell Matt he provides the most value per minute of anyone I spend time with.

Alyhan Rehmatullah
CEO & Cofounder - ALTRU


Inside this Academy, you'll learn from award-winning storyteller

About Matthew Dicks


Acclaimed for his storytelling on stages, the radio, and in novels and nonfiction, Matthew’s wonderfully straightforward and engaging strategies and techniques for constructing, telling, and polishing any story prove without a doubt that anyone can learn to be an appealing storyteller; that everyone has something storyworthy to express; and perhaps most importantly, that the act of creating and telling a story is a powerful way of understanding and enhancing one’s own life.


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