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Anatomy of A Story Course

Step By Step Crafting of Personal and Professional Stories

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Finding Stories

The best storytellers in the world have the most stories to tell

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Humor for Storytellers Volume #1 

My 5 Best Humor Strategies for Storytelling that you can use anywhere.


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Upcoming Workshops

Join me live for these exciting storytelling topics.


Storytellers are plagued by two problems

that stop their progress by preventing them from telling their best stories:

#1 They struggle with finding the correct and enough stories to tell.



#2 They fail to tell them well because they are still determining what to include, what to leave out, what order to tell the story, where to begin, and more.


Don’t spin your wheels by resorting to your old habits of reporting on the events of your life. Instead, you can start crafting thoughtful, purposeful stories.



Storyworthy for Business

This self-directed program allows you to go at your own pace

This comprehensive course will teach you everything you need to know about using storytelling in business and your daily life, including:

  • 8 Modules with over 50 Lessons
  • A Comprehensive Workbook
  • Access to Matt’s Personal Story Library
  • Case Studies
  • Exclusive Live Lessons
  • Access a Community of Like-Minded Storytellers
  • Bonus Material & Content

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Storyworthy for Business COHORT