Storytelling for Parents Workshop

Connect and have a better relationship with your kids!

This one-day virtual workshop will teach you how
  • Get your kids to tell stories from their lives
  • Share your life - past and present - with your child
  • Create a family legacy that will broaden and deepen your lives and relationships

This one day virtual workshop will teach you...

How to use storytelling to create better communication, share family history, instill your desired values, and provide cautionary advice or guidance as a parent.

Learn strategies you can use to turn one-word answers into long detailed explanations. Use storytelling to get closer to your children and cultivate an intentional culture in your household.

Understand why your kids aren’t sharing and what you can do to prompt them to open up to you in a positive way.


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 You'll Receive 

  • My best Storytelling For Parenting strategies

  • A workbook containing exercises and activities you can use to sharpen your skills

  • A recordings of the day's sessions

This four-hour workshop - hosted and taught by storytelling champion, bestselling author, award winning and elementary school teacher Matthew Dicks - is guaranteed to help you create stronger and long lasting bonds with your kids.


During this workshop, you will receive actionable strategies...

So you know how to get your kids to share while learning how to share more of yourself with them as well.
  1. Get your kids to tell stories from their lives
  2. Share your life - past and present - with your child
  3. Create a family legacy that will broaden and deepen your lives and relationships

No matter the age of your children, you will improve your relationship with them using storytelling.


Your role as a parent is harder than ever

So much of your children’s attention is spent on Youtube, Tiktok, or playing games infront of a screen. It is essential that you are able to get and keep their attention long enough to have a greater impact in their lives. 

Learn how storytelling can transform your relationships and turn them into the people you want them to be.

Start to understand:

What your failure as a storyteller (and your death) will mean for your child

  • My mother and my birth
  • Loss of the hard drive
  • Failure to retain the preciousness of childhood
  • Fractured childhood

Understand what not sharing does to your family history

  • Opportunities for retelling

  • Greetings Little One
    Photos on fridge

  • Moments of Note

  • Electronic frames

  • Family calendar

Why kids don’t share more of their lives with their parents

  • Judgment
  • Lack of vulnerability
  • Storytelling is an exchange
  • Remembering vs. Telling
  • Leadership
  • Empathy

If generational information isn’t past down or kept by your children it will be lost forever.

It is your responsibility as a parent to share what is important to you and make it important to your children.

Stop letting TV, the internet, and social media raise your kids and instead take an more active role in their lives

Great news!

You can use the storytelling skills you develop to practice and improve as a parent.

Your kids weren’t born with a manual and nobody teaches you how to cultivate deeper bonds or impart your best advice as a parent.

During this 4-hour workshop, you will learn specific, easily applied strategies for better communication as a parent.

You will learn when and how to deploy them for more interaction after school, at the dinner table or in practically any other parenting situation.


By participating in the workshop you will receive:

  • My best Stotrytelling For Parents strategies
  • A workbook containing exercises and activities you can use to sharpen your skills
  • A recording of the day's sessions
  • 20% off your next Storyworthy purchase
  • A chance to win a 30 minute coaching call with Matt (2 winners will be selected)

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My love and passion for storytelling has taken me many places in life


Hi, I’m Matthew Dicks

As an elementary school teacher for 24 years, I could have never imagined someday I would be an internationally bestselling author of 8 books and decorated public speaker (winning over 50 Moth StorySLAM competitions and a record 9 GrandSLAM championships).

Now, many years later, I work with businesses of every size to help them use stories to increase sales, build marketing presentations, deploy advertising campaigns, and develop positive corporate culture.


My obsession with stories, drive to entertain and captivate an audience and impart the most important lessons about storytelling to help others makes me the perfect person to teach you how to use stories to grow your business.

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I know this workshop will give you the tools you need to use as a parent for an immediate and lasting impact.

The lessons you learn will have your kids telling you stories and sharing the stores you tell to them with their friends.