The Ultimate Storytelling Course

Stories are the fastest way to have your audience know like and trust you because they let you share what is important to you and illustrate how your values align with your customers' needs.

Learn how to Engage, Connect, Persuade, and Change Your Business with The Power of Storytelling.

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Learn, Improve & Master the Art of Storytelling

With Award-Winning Storyteller, Internationally Bestselling Author, Matthew Dicks

Lessons & Course Outline

See a course syllabus and watch FREE lessons to get you started on your storytelling journey.

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Plans & Pricing

Choose a plan that work best for you. Work at your own own pace, collaborate with a group, or work 1-on-1 with Matt.

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Why Storytelling?

Discover the Power of Stories for Business and Personal to Communicate Better & More Authentically, Build Stronger Relationships, and Grow Your Business & Sales.

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storyworthy for Business

This comprehensive course will teach you everything you need to know about using storytelling in business and your daily life, including:

  • 8 Modules with over 50 Lessons
  • A Comprehensive Workbook
  • Access to Matt’s Personal Story Library
  • Case Studies
  • Exclusive Live Lessons
  • Access a Community of Like-Minded Storytellers
  • Bonus Material & Content
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Plans & Pricing



This self-directed program allows you to go at your own pace.

8 Modules with over 50 Lessons, A Comprehensive Workbook, Access to the Storyworthy Community, Exclusive Live Lessons and more bonuses!

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Want to work in a small group directed by Matt?

 Everything included in Storyworthy for Business Standard +  Live small group training sessions, 30 min live Q&A sessions with Matt, and much more...

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Work 1 on 1 with Matt to develop your stories.

Everything included in Storyworthy for Business Premium +  Live one-on-one calls with Matt to work on your own Storytelling goals.

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14-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t completely satisfied with the Storyworthy Course, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.


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A Comprehensive Workbook

  • Exercises
  • Diagrams
  • Activities
  • Actionable items

Unlimited Access to

  • Matt’s Personal Story Library: Live recordings of Matthew Dicks telling stories
  • Case Studies
  • Storytelling Tips and Tricks

Special Live Lessons

  • Anatomy of a Story
  • Story Deconstruction
  • Breaking down of movies, television, books, and commercials

Join the Community

  • Engaging and supportive 
  • Share your work and receive feedback
  • Improve your storytelling skills

About the Creator

Matthew Dicks

Acclaimed for his storytelling on stages, the radio, and in novels and nonfiction, Matthew’s wonderfully straightforward and engaging strategies and techniques for constructing, telling, and polishing any story prove without a doubt that anyone can learn to be an appealing storyteller; that everyone has something storyworthy to express; and perhaps most importantly, that the act of creating and telling a story is a powerful way of understanding and enhancing one’s own life.



Inside this course, you have the opportunity to learn from a professional that did the hard work himself to become an award-winning storyteller.


Someone who is a trained educator and professional DJ, who uses all aspects of his professional career to provide clear, actionable, and successful lessons that will yield results to improve your sales, marketing, advertising, leadership, and culture.

Stories Are Changing Lives Everyday!

Reviews & Testimonials


"If you are thinking about pursuing storytelling or the value of it, it has radically transformed the way the way we talk about our product..."

- Masha Reutovski
Director of Corporate Marketing - SLACK

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