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Keep things simple. Assume nothing. newsletters storytelling tips

A simple but important thought:

Keep things simple. Assume nothing.

My friend is preparing to tell a story in which one of her friends experiences an ectopic pregnancy. I’ve heard of this...

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Careful not to ruin your endings it steals the joy from a story newsletters storytelling for business storytelling tips

I was listening to a very well told story last week about a woman struggling with infertility. It was heartfelt, humorous, cleverly constructed, and well framed.

Outstanding in every way except...

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Jello, Diet Coke, and a Reminder About Being Different newsletters stories storytelling tips

The best gift that I received, and the one that can teach us all something important was this:

A can of my favorite beverage - Diet Coke - encased in jello.

The best thing about this gift:


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Be careful that your words don’t betray your story newsletters storytelling for business storytelling tips

In working with a storyteller, he said, “I figured it wasn’t going to work out, and all my effort had been wasted.”

See the problem?

“I figured…” is a subtle...

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Effective communication often requires you to do what others are not newsletters stories storytelling tips

I had just settled into my seat, preparing for the second leg of my flight from Hartford to Victoria, British Columbia, when the pilot emerged from the cockpit and introduced himself to us. He told...

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Newsletter 2023-03-05 newsletters

Hello storytellers and friends,

A lesson learned on a recent trip to Orville, Ohio, where I did some storytelling consulting with Smuker’s, the makers of jam, Jif peanut butter, and many...

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Newsletter 2023-01-29 newsletters

Exciting news in our home! In a couple of weeks, Charlie will be crossing over from Cub Scout to Boy Scout.

Big steps! One of his first orders of business was to form his new patrol, decide on a...

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