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Jello, Diet Coke, and a Reminder About Being Different newsletters stories storytelling tips

The best gift that I received, and the one that can teach us all something important was this:

A can of my favorite beverage - Diet Coke - encased in jello.

The best thing about this gift:


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Effective communication often requires you to do what others are not newsletters stories storytelling tips

I had just settled into my seat, preparing for the second leg of my flight from Hartford to Victoria, British Columbia, when the pilot emerged from the cockpit and introduced himself to us. He told...

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My three greatest acts of storytelling cruelty stories storytelling tips

I like to think that I have been a supportive and positive force on the thousands of storytellers who I have performed alongside over the years, but I've also had moments when my judgment and...

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She loved me first for my storytelling stories storytelling tips

I’ve been working on a story for The Moth about the beginning of my relationship with my wife and some of the more uncharacteristically awkward and foolish decisions that I made in those...

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Meeting the needs of the audience "HINGES" on Storytelling stories storytelling tips

 A friend of mine was recently debating about how she should respond to a man on Hinge - a dating app - who had just liked her photo.

  • Casual but interested?
  • Flirty and fun?
  • Short and sweet?
  • ...
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Sting: Moth GrandSLAM Boston stories

Moth GrandSLAM at the Somerville Theater in Boston, MA on March 26, 2015. The theme of the night was Once in a Blue Moon. I finished in second place.

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Anonymous - NYC Moth GrandSLAM stories

Moth GrandSLAM at The Highline Ballroom on July 17, 2012. The theme of the night was Fall From Grace. I finished in second place.

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The Robbery: Moth Mainstage stories

Moth Mainstage at The Brooklyn Academy of Music on March 10, 2016.

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Homeless and the Goat: Boston Moth StorySLAM stories

Moth StorySLAM at the Oberon Theater in Boston, MA on April 29, 2015. The theme of the night was Save. I finished in first place.

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Look! A Leader! stories storytelling for business

A reader shared this with me:

Our school district hired a new superintendent last year. One of the first things he did was declare that the first snow day would be the only real snow day of the...

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