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Download: My best Storytelling Tips for Storytellers free downloads tools & resources

Become a Better Storyteller: Upgrade Your Skills to Win Your Next Competition by Improving Your Abilities From The Stage.

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Download: Storytelling Tips for Leaders & Managers free downloads tools & resources

Your Best Strategies to Become a Better Leader or Manager: Use these Storytelling Tips to Increase Loyalty, Retention, and Productivity for Your Organization and Teams.

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Homework For Life: TEDxBerkshires tedx talks

"Homework for Life" is a strategy that I originally began using to generate more story topics for the stage, but as I began to use the strategy daily, it changed my life. It made everything about...

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Live Life Like You Are 100-Years Old: TEDxNatick tedx talks

We make a mistake when we trust ourselves to make decisions based upon what we want today. The person who knows what is best for us is not the current version of ourselves but the version of...

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The Storyworthy Community Guidelines

1. Be kind to all, including those who believe, think, and live differently than you.

This is a community centered on the craft of storytelling. As a result, you may hear stories about people whose...

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