Explaining my 2023 hiatus


Happy New Year, storytelling friends!

I hope your 2024 will be one filled with success, surprise, and lots of love.

For all of us at Storyworthy, we are so excited to begin 2024 with a fresh start and a whole bunch of exciting offerings for you. During our unexpected hiatus, I’ve been hard at work planning a productive, entertaining, and enlightening 2024 for you.

Whether you want to find and tell better stories for personal or business reasons (or both!), I have so much to share.

I thought I’d start off 2024 with a story about my hiatus, along with a bonus lesson on a concept that I call “Speaking with Adjacency.”

An exceptionally powerful concept in business, education, and more.

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Look for that newsletter tomorrow and at the beginning of every month.

Until then, here is a story that explains my absence and teaches a little bit of storytelling jujitsu in the process.

Happy New Year!


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