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A simple but effective tip for you:

When appropriate, include the season in your story. I LOVE words that come affixed to a kabillion adjectives because I don’t love adjectives in general.

In my novels, they work wonders. But when I’m speaking aloud, they steal bandwidth from my audience and tax their memory, oftentimes unnecessarily so.

So when I can add adjectives to a story through the simplicity of a single noun, I’ll always do so! And seasons might be the best nouns of all when it comes to this criterion. Each is PACKED with adjectives.

If I say, “I’m standing in my front yard in the middle of winter,” you automatically add snow to the ground. You strip the trees of their leaves. You add ice to the driveway. You put a winter coat on me.

Maybe a hat and mittens, too. You can tell me the outside air temperature. Maybe assume a biting wind. Perhaps stick a wreath on my door. Add smoke from the neighbor's chimney.

One word yields so much!

Whenever the outdoors play a role in your story, even if it’s just through the large windows of a classroom or hotel lobby, mentioning the season adds so much with so little effort.

Bang for your buck. In storytelling, this should always be your goal.

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